I know that Christmas has passed and we're all looking forward to the New Year. But nothing gives me more joy than finding stories like this because this is what Christmas is all about.

This story is about 20-year-old Kenneth Isaacson, a firefighter and EMT in Dearborn Heights. His story could be amazing enough because he grew up in foster care. That is a tough journey for young kids, especially on Christmas. Christmas morning may not be all fun and presents, as hard a many foster parents try. And, for kids in foster care, you're probably moving from home to home in your life. You're just trying to survive.

But Kenneth survived. So much so that not only did he become a firefighter and EMT, but he has become a "kid Santa." True story. Around Christmas time he rents a U-Haul truck, fills it with thousands and thousands of dollars worth of toys, and then he and a small crew of volunteers spend Christmas Eve delivering to kids in need across the state.

Fox 17 reports that actually he now has one truck downstate another up north, because it has grown a lot since Isaacson started this effort in Albion, as a 17-year-old in foster care.

“Christmas morning in foster care is not the best, so I took two checks, I worked part-time at Taco Bell, went to the Dollar General behind the Taco Bell and got whatever I could and got the neighbor next door to give me a lift over to the homeless shelter,” explained Isaacson.

The rest is history.

On Christmas eve he was well on his way to delivering gifts to more than 200 kids across that state. Checking his list not once, but twice for the names of children who need it most.

He and his group check news stories with assistance from law enforcement agencies, the Salvation Army and many others to find families most in need.

“The families here are families that all the kids are under the age of 10 years old. So they believe in Santa Claus and they have no other way to get anything for Christmas this year."


Kenneth really wants to continue growing his operation in the years to come, and you can help if you'll CLICK HERE!


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