A letter was written by Bob Davies, President Central Michigan University to the students and faculty and posted on CMU’s website says the school is preparing to have in-person classes starting in the fall semester.

Today, I am pleased to announce our intention to reopen CMU’s main campus and satellite locations this fall for face-to-face instruction. This decision was not made lightly; it comes following many weeks of discussion and thoughtful planning.

He went on to say that the “Emergency Management work group” for CMU is working with local and state officials on the reopening plan with two things heavily in mind,

  • Protecting the health and safety of every member of our university community.

  • Providing exceptional learning opportunities for students, both in and outside of the classroom.

 The letter states that when students do return for classes in the fall, things will be different as social distancing is more than likely a new part of our everyday lives. On top of looking at the layouts of classrooms and labs, here are a few things Mr. Davies pointed out in his letter that will definitely be different,

  • Last week, the Office of Residence Life announced a plan to reduce occupancy rates in residence halls to provide more room for social distancing and has established areas to immediately isolate and quarantine individuals who exhibit symptoms of COVID-19.

  • Campus Dining is reviewing practices in our residential restaurants and retail locations and will adapt to comply with the updated best practices for safe food service.

  • Facilities and maintenance teams have adopted new practices for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and spaces across campus.

  • Health officials continue to guide plans related to health screening and testing.

As the stay-at-home executive order is lifted for the state, the university has a plan that's been shared with the staff about a phased reopening of the campus for employees to safely return. Throughout the letter, though he re-iterated that they are working with local and state health officials about the reopening.

But, as of now, classes will be in-person, starting the fall semester at CMU.

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