Megadeth played an unusual show on October 6 (yes, I know that's today, but it's already tomorrow over there, so don't start with the time-travel questions), playing some songs as instrumentals, and cutting several songs completely. Why, you ask?

China apparently went all censory on them.

You know something is up when Megadeth can't even play "Holy Wars". No show would be complete without that one! Some songs, like "Skin of My Teeth", were playing without vocals completely!

The band stopped about an hour in, probably realizing there was no point, anyway, since they couldn't really play a lot of their catalog. I don't imagine songs about war, governments being complete crap, etc. go over well in China.

Why would China even allow a band to be booked for a show, if they knew they couldn't allow them to play their songs?

Sorry China, that you didn't get to enjoy a great metal band last night/tonight/whenever-the-hell-the-show-happened/happens. Freaking time, screw you, too.

If only China allowed things like Facebook and YouTube, then they could watch these songs from Megadeth's performance in Quebec this summer.