Chef Gordon Ramsay has quietly been hanging out in the U.P. these past couple of days and the word is just now starting to get out.

So what is he doing in the Mitten state? Is he shooting for a TV show? Is he saving a restaurant that's on the brink of closing? It's not really known for sure but either of those scenarios are possible or he might just be here for pleasure. The Fall season is the best time to enjoy the U.P.

Facebook user, Manda Paige, just happened to be at the same restaurant in Houghton that Chef Ramsay was at.

Can you imagine being a cook and knowing you were about to make food for Gordon Ramsay himself? I'd be so nervous. However, some of the comments suggest that all he ordered was a tuna fish sandwich. I'm sure the staff at Suomi Restaurant were able to hold it down.

This isn't the only place he's been spotted. I found a Reddit thread where someone said he got take out at Gemigani's Italian Restaurant in Hancock,two days in a row because he liked it so much.

Our sister station in Maine reported that Ramsay was spotted at local restaurants with a film crew so maybe he is in Michigan shooting for a show. While the famous chef and tv star is mostly known for his shows Master Chef, Hell's Kitchen, and Kitchen Nightmares he does have one on National Geographic called Uncharted that takes him to remote places across the globe to and what cuisines they have to offer. If that's the case he HAD to have eaten a pasty at one of the restaurants he visited in the U.P.

Uncharted is currently on its second season so if he was filming, it probably won't be until next year that we actually get to see the footage. Let's just hope no one got yelled at or called an idiot sandwich.

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