Every week during the NFL season, each of us on the show randomly drew three NFL teams out of a bag. For every win by a team we drew, we got one point. In the case of a tie, we got a half point. Then, last week, based on our rank, we had a photo shoot with all show members in various levels of undress. First place, fully clothed. Second place, a little less...and so on down the line until the person who came in last was completely nude, except for a strategically placed football. These photos would then be used for a series of billboards in our home market, Grand Rapids.

Well, folks, here's the finished result! These billboards will be running in various locations around Grand Rapids for the next week and a half, so be sure to keep an eye out be careful not to drive off the road when you see this hotness.

Wanna have some photoshop fun? Check out the original image here and send us the results!

Free Beer & Hot Wings
Free Beer & Hot Wings

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