It's not possible to see every movie that comes out.  Heck, it's probably not even possible to KNOW about every movie coming out.

It makes me sad when I miss a good horror movie in the theater, and I've found a list of some you might have missed as well.  Some I've gone and seen since, but there are more I'm still wanting to go see.

The Den

This movie is a found footage film, but don't roll your eyes and scroll past it just yet.  It's a unique take, as the main character has gotten a grant to study interactions with people on a sort or video chat-roulette style site.  The movie gets increasingly crazy after she witnesses a murder on-screen, and attempts to find out what happened.  This has one of those "holy crap" endings.  I like this on a lot!

The Sacrament

Another found-footage film, but done in a sort of Vice news way.  Well, that's the whole idea, since the characters are pretending to be Vice news reporters.  Not a bad story, creepy little Jonestown-type village.  But they take you completely out of the story right at the beginning with...freaking CREDITS!  They give you actor names, stuff like that, and it completely takes you out of any attempt at a realistic feel.  Other than that, it's not horrible.  But if you pick another movie to watch, you won't miss much.

The Babadook

One of the best directors to ever live...and the master behind "The Exorcist", has called this movie the "scariest movie of all time".  What more of a selling point do we need?  I haven't seen this yet, but I plan on it before the end of the year.  I want to see it in a mostly empty theater.  That's a great way to see a scary movie, without a bunch of teenage asshats trying to prove to each other that they don't get scared.

ABCs of Death 2

I saw the first one recently, and there are some gems in there, so I'm sure there will be in this one.  In case you haven't heard of these, they take 26 directors, give them each a letter of the alphabet, and they have to make a short horror movie based on something beginning with that letter.  P for Poltergeist, for example.  They can get reall creative, and some will almost parody what they're doing.  See the first movie to know what I mean.

13 Sins

This movie is crazy!  I love it!  It starts off with a normal guy who gets a phone call with an offer of a little money to do something dumb and easy.  I think eating a fly was his first thing, and he got like $500 or something.  But then, the money and the horribleness (is that a word?) of the things he's asked to do increase...a LOT!  How far would you go?

V/H/S Viral

The first two movies have some really cool moments, and some not-so-cool moments.  The first one had the hot-demon-chick, the second had some really cool effects.  This third movie looks like it takes everything a step further, and I really want to see it.