If Joe Exotic of 'Tiger King' was a baseball player, there would be only one team that he would play on.

We all have way too much free time on our hands these days, that why we get sucked into watching dumba$$ true crime documentaries like 'Tiger King'.

And that's also why fans of the series have photoshopped Joe Exotic face onto a Detroit Tiger baseball card. Because what other team would he play for?

This may be the scariest thing I've seen since the series.

And because it's the Tigers, I don't mean WORLD series.

And because this comes to us via Reddit, the comments are golden:

Who made this? Was it that b!tch Carol Baskin?

The tigers may never financially recover from the contract we gave him.

Raise your hand if you had a pet named after a Tigers player. Mine was a guinea pig named after Sweet Lou, and he used to take flying leaps off chairs.

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