If you don't know who this guy is, other than a (now ex)guitar player for Guns N Roses, you're missing out. His name in Ron Thal, and he's called Bumblefoot. He's a ridiculously talented guitarist, who's put out several solo albums, and then he joined GNR in 2006. He replaced another ridiculous guitar player, Buckethead.

He's got some cool guitars, and he's know for also be a whiz on the fretless guitar. For several years now, he's had this special double-neck Vigier guitar with a regular neck, and a fretless, and he's great with this thing. Check out the built-in thimble holder in the guitar for the thimble tool he uses to get up really high on the neck, too.

Gear tours...I love them!

Metalhead Ned and I got to meet Bumblefoot last year at Rock on the Range, while he was still with GNR, and he was super nice, and fun to talk to. Totally not a rock star vibe or attitude from the guy, at all.

(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Little Kids Rock)