To some extent, you probably feel bad for the animals at the zoo. They're obviously not thrilled that they're there and would much rather be out in the wild where they're supposed to be. So it wouldn't be so bad if they escaped, right? Well, not exactly...

Cha Cha the chimp was a resident at a zoo in Sendai, Japan. Cha Cha managed to escape recently and led police on a two-hour-long chase through a neighborhood, which ended up with him high atop some power lines. As officials tried to reign Cha Cha in, he obviously wasn't having any of it. He attempted to attack his rescuers and made some of the most terrifying faces ever seen.

Cha Cha was eventually shot with a tranquilizer dart, leading to him falling from the power lines where it appears as though his fall was partially broken by rescuers holding a blanket or tarp.

An investigation is now underway to find out exactly how Cha Cha escaped.

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