California prison inmate Charles Manson, who was recently back in the news after writing a postcard to shock rocker Marilyn Manson (MORE ON THAT HERE), is among the celebrity criminals in the state of California who will remain unavailable to reporters for interviews due to Governor Jerry Brown vetoing legislation that would have allowed it.
 "Giving criminals celebrity status through repeated appearances on television will glorify their crimes and hurt victims and their families." - Gov. Jerry Brown

California currently allows the media to conduct random interviews with prison inmates, but not Charles Manson or any other inmate reporters cite by name.

"I can see where Governor Brown is coming from but I'm also a little disappointed because Manson's interviews are some of the best television I've ever seen.  The guy could have made millions as a pro wrestling manager.  Imagine Charles Manson in the 1980's managing a heel Hillbilly Jim trying to end Hulkamania."  - Shaffee

Hillbilly Jim - Facebook
Hillbilly Jim - Facebook

Charles Manson interview from the Today Show in 1987...


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