Quentin Tarantino's next movie will reportedly be inspired by Charles Manson's notorious real-life crimes.

Exclusive sources for The Hollywood Reporter have revealed that Tarantino is "quietly starting to put together" the project, which is said to offer a "unique take" on the tragic tale of the murderous rampage perpetrated by Manson's "family" of followers in 1969. Although it's still early enough in development that the film still lacks a title and "script details are fuzzy," at least one portion of the Tarantino-penned screenplay is said to focus on the tragic events of Aug. 9, 1969, when Manson's disciples invaded a home owned by director Roman Polanski and murdered its five occupants, including Polanski's wife Sharon Tate.

As Beatles fans have long been aware, Manson allegedly believed he'd deciphered coded messages in the band's music — specifically on their 1968 self-titled double album — and the connection between the killings and those songs has remained a dark footnote in the group's legacy. THR's report doesn't mention this aspect of the story being part of Tarantino's script, but given the large role music has played in his previous films, it'd be unusual if he chose to ignore it.

Whatever direction the movie ultimately takes, it's already drawn rumored interest from a handful of A-list actors. According to THR's sources, Tarantino wants Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie for a lead role, and Jennifer Lawrence and Brad Pitt are also rumored to have been approached. Cameras are set to roll on the film next year.

Charles Manson’s Often-Terrifying Music Connections

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