This cat, Mo, is really one sneaky mo-fo as he has been found to be the neighborhood garment theif! 

It all started when Mo's owner Ed Williams had a bit of explaining to do when his girlfriend came home to find another woman's underwear at the foot of the bed.

We probably don't have to elaborate on what went through her head there, but it only got worse when a bra showed up to complete the set!

The undergarments then progressed into full-on outfits and left everyone confused.

Where did they come from? Where did they go? Where did this come from, it was sticky-pawed Mo!

Williams said they eventually caught Mo in the act and now take up a collection box of items to be returned to their rightful owners in a series of Facebook posts.

People now know about Mo's wild antics and come to Williams' door pretty annoyed when they come to retrieve their items.

We will remind you all though, that this is probably a one-in-a-million situation and if you find something sketchy about your S.O. please, for your sake, don't assume it's the neighborhood cat.

For video on Mo's clothes-stealing shenanigans, click here

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