Death Metal Band Cannibal Corpse has entered the studio to record their 12th studio album! They have spent the past 7 months collaborating and writing new material, and they have now hit the studio!

In an interview on Blabbermouth, Bassist Alex Webster stated: "After having spent the past seven months writing and rehearsing new material, we're very excited to finally begin recording. We've had great success working with Erik Rutan on our past two albums so we've decided to work with him again, but to keep things fresh we decided on a change of location — we're returning to Sonic Ranch studios in Texas, where we've recorded several albums in the past. We are psyched to see how this combination works out- we feel it's pairing that could result in our best album yet."

Cannibal Corpse has been around for what seems like forever, but man, do they know how to bring some heavy effin' metal.

Let's hope that this new album will also spawn a tour as well.