When you're in a small room with someone for multiple hours a week, sometimes your conversations can get banal. To liven things up, I decided to test my co-host on his self-proclaimed Michigan knowledge.

Photo by Jason Brower on Unsplash
Photo by Jason Brower on Unsplash


WFGR's JoJo Girard, a native Saginaw-ite, claims to have complete insight of all things Michigan. He doesn't know what you're called if you hail from Saginaw, however, he did know the answers to all of these Michigan trivia questions. How about you?

Can You Answer These Trivia Questions About Michigan?

Michiganders love their state and there are a lot of interesting things to learn about it. Do you know the answers to these Michigan trivia questions?

How did you do? Easy peezy, right? But do YOU know what a native Saginaw resident is called?

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