Camels in a petting zoo at Cedar Point escaped and strolled through the amusement park but not before getting caught on video.

Cedar Point Petting Zoo

As long as I can remember Cedar Point has had a petting zoo in Frontier Land on the way to the back of the park. I have been going there for a lifetime and was there just a week ago so I walked right by it when my son and I were heading back to ride the Millinuem for a second time.

Cedar Points petting zoo is called "The Barnyard" and is the home to goats, cows, sheep, donkeys, piglets, ducks, turtles, and other animals.

We noticed some camels this year in the petting zoo. My son and I saw them and talked about the time we rode a camel together at the John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids. The next day after we were at Cedar Point, the camels ran for it around the park.

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Camels Escape Cedar Points Petting Zoo and Run Through Amusement Park

Somehow camels in Cedar Points petting zoo escaped and began to surprise attendees when they ran through the park. In the video above you see one camel almost kick a man in a wheelchair. You will also see people begin to get in the corals where the camels were to avoid being kicked or run over by the camels on the loose. The camels were rounded up and put back in the corals by staff and luckily no one was hurt.

Just 3 days after the camels got loose at Cedar Point the goat herd thought they would make a run for it too. The goats may have witnessed the fun camels had just days earlier and decided to jump the fence and have fun too.

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