The holiday season is approaching damn fast, and you better be prepared! If you are looking to get a Nintendo Wii to replace your Gamecube this coming season, then you better think again.

Nintendo has decided to remodel the Nintendo Wii with some stunning new features! AKA, lack of Gamecube support....WTF?!?!

Now be careful, it can be very deceiving. While looking for you new Wii, be sure to purchase the Wii that has Mario Kart Wii bundled with it, this model (either black or white) is compatible with all of you Gamecube goodness. If you get the Wii that includes the New Super Mario Bros game which also includes a Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack (woo hoo....), you will not be able to play Gamecube games or use the Gamecube Controller!!!

So do not buy that bundle, pay the same price of 149.99 and get Mario Kart and a Wii with WAY MORE USE! Why did Nintendo do this? To make money and save what you buy this coming season!