I guess I've been living in the dark here. I knew there were different versions of the popular game Monopoly out there, but I had no clue they extended as far as to actual locations like Mackinac Island.

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Monopoly has the game covered from their original game to a Bob Ross version of the game.

No, seriously. Bob Ross!

available @ worthpoint.com
available @ worthpoint.com

And if Bob Ross doesn't do it for you, how about the Rolling Stones Monopoly game?

available @ worthpoint.com
available @ worthpoint.com

I don't even know how I stumbled upon this game, to be honest with you. I was with a group of coworkers the other day, and they brought up the fact, that there is even a monopoly game based off of the city of Owosso, Michigan.

I was scrolling on Reddit, and stumbled upon Mackinac-opoly!

Mackinac-opoly Is Totally A Thing

Fan of board games? How about Michigan board games? Check out Mackinac-opoly, the board game based of Mackinac, Michigan.

I've done my research on this game too. It's like non-existent, and not really being sold anywhere. This game might be a true Michigan treasure if you can get your hands on it.

All that I am saying, is that if you have your hands on Mackinac-opoly, and you're not sharing, shame on you. My best guess is that this version of the game has to be a collector's item, and why you can't find it online, however, it could very well be sitting in one of the numerous shops that Northern Michigan has for you to explore.

However, it probably also wouldn't be too hard to replicate the game and make it Michigan-based, if you wanted to make a cool game for the family, based on the great state of Michigan.

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