May 5th, a show named 'Carolina Rebellion' rocked the faces of many. The day long festival showcased Shinedown, Evanescence, Five Finger Death Punch, P.O.D, and KORN! Brian Welch left Korn to become a born again Christian and follow his faith. Inspired by Axel Roses grudge against the original members of Guns n' Roses, Welch rejoined Korn on-stage to play some Korn Klassics!

What does this necessarily mean? Well hopefully some sort of reunion, but it was defiantly a surprise to all the fans that were in the audience. They brought a very warm welcome to the original Korn member. Welch was asked by Loudwire if he would rejoin the band if they were inducted to the R & R Hall of Fame, much like Axel Roses grudge with Guns n' Roses...

"I've thought about that over the years and I'm friends with them now. I talk to them pretty regularly, so I don't think it would be a big deal for me to go and play a classic or two. I don't understand grown men who are close to 50 years old having issues like that. It just floors me that you can't at some degree, be civil. It's just beyond me. I don't understand that, but you know, everyone is different, I don't judge them. We all have our issues."

Check out the video below for a full performance of "Blind" with Head at the show!