If you love looking at the stars and planets, June is a great month to see Jupiter and its largest moons.

According to FOX 17, Jupiter will be clearly visible as well as its largest moons and you will only need your binoculars to get a solid view.

Nasa says you can spot the planet and its four largest moons since it will be at its biggest and brightest all month long.

If you're really lucky you may get a peak at the banded clouds that wrap around the planet.

The reason for all the great views of Jupiter is, this is the time of year when Jupiter, Earth and the Sun are all in a straight line with one another. June 10 will be your clearest view but from June 14 through the 19 you get a crack at the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn.

Deputy executive director of Britain's Royal Astronomical Society, Robert Massey said, "unlike stars, it won't twinkle. Even when it's low down, it will look pretty steady, and that will make it stand out. You'll need a good clear southern horizon to see it."

You can use binoculars to get a pretty good view but if you want to step it up a notch a break out the telescope you can see even more detail.

So if you get a second, grab the family and enjoy the southern sky and take a peak at Jupiter...it only happens once a year so enjoy it.

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