Firstly, how did Giraffey McGiraffe-Face not make the top 4

Toskey is pretty cute though too, I guess...

And that is the new name of Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park in Alto's baby giraffe!

A few weeks back, the park asked for help naming the little guy on their website and Facebook page. (Toskey isn't all that little, btw. He's already over 200 pounds and 6 feet tall!)

Toskey, along with Gilligan, Alto, and Ridge, were the top four finalists.

And Toskey (short for Petoskey stone) won out.

According to Fox 17, Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park announced the new name today,  Monday, July 30th on Baby Animal Day.

The park says they are already full today, but are extending the event through Thursday.

They've got baby emus, a baby yak, a baby eland, and of course, the freshly-named baby giraffe, Toskey!

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