First the Gorillaz, now Blur is back! Lead singer of both bands, Damon Albarn, must be really ready for a comeback.

Blur announced "The Magic Whip", their first album since 2003's "Think Tank", will come out April 27 internationally and April 28 in the U.S.

Check out the new track "Go Out" below.

According to Pitchfork, the announcement was made at a live streamed press conference from a Chinese restaurant in London hosted by radio DJ by Zane Lowe.

Blur announced the details for the record and that they'll perform at Hyde Park in London on June 20.

When asked if they're going to perform in the U.S, the band replied, "Maybe, if anyone's interested."

According to Rolling Stone "The Magic Whip" was recorded at Hong Kong's Avon Studios over the course of five days in Spring 2013.

"We didn't have much [equipment]; it was like back when we first started recording stuff," Albarn said.

Blur played a few shows together and contented to work on the album before setting it aside for a while.

Guitarist Graham Coxon, who's last album with the band was 1999's "13", revisted the material in the fall with producer Stephen Street.

Street had previously worked with Blur on 1993's "Modern Life Is Rubbish, 1994's "Parklife" and the band's 1997 self-titled LP.

After some fine tuning of the music, Albarn then added his lyrics to the songs, resulting in "The Magic Whip".

Watch the lyric video for "Get Out" below and get the single now when you pre-order the album on  iTunes.


"The Magic Whip" Track List

1. “Lonesome Street”
2. “New World Towers”
3. “Go Out”
4. “Ice Cream Man”
5. “Thought I Was a Spaceman”
6.  ”I Broadcast”
7. “My Terracotta Heart”
8. “There Are Too Many of Us”
9. “Ghost Ship”
10. “Pyongyang”
11. “Ong Ong”
12. “Mirrorball”