If you thought Hayley Williams appearance with Billie Eilish at Coachella last weekend was a coincidence (or for that matter Damon Albarn's the week Before), it wasn't. In fact, it gave the Grammy-winning star a chance to collaborate onstage with some of her biggest inspirations.

Eilish made headlines for performing "Misery Business" with the Paramore singer last weekend, a week after she was joined by Albarn for a cover of Gorillaz' "Feel Good Inc." And as it turns out, Eilish's current musical tastes align to signify her love of her recent special guests.

As part of Billie's Instagram stories, she asked fans to ask her questions, and through the quick hitting slides of the Instagram stories feature, Eilish answered. When questioned about her favorite song at the moment, Eilish responded with the artwork for the Blur song "Beetlebum," which of course featured Coachella Week 1 guest Damon Albarn.

The bigger surprise may have come a bit later in the slide show when she was asked her favorite Paramore song. While you might think it'd be "Misery Business" as she performed the song live with Williams, it's actually a deeper cut, the Brand New Eyes album closer "All I Wanted."

While Eilish offered no further explanation for the choice, within the Instagram stories she did post additional footage from Coachella along with a backstage photo with her having a good time with Williams.

Paramore, "All I Wanted"

Blur, "Beetlebum"

While the covers grabbed the headlines, Eilish also performed "Getting Older" with Albarn during Week 1 of Coachella and she pulled in Williams for the show closing "Happier Than Ever" in Week 2. Might either "All I Wanted" or "Beetlebum" find its way into one of her sets? You'll have to wait and see. Eilish next hits the stage in June for a European leg of the "Happier Than Ever" world tour.

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