Paramore's Hayley Williams recently sang "Misery Business" for the first time since 2018. She joined Billie Eilish onstage at Coachella last night (April 23) to perform an acoustic cover of the track. Check out a video of the performance below.

It should also be noted that Williams was rocking her signature fiery hair color form the Riot! era. We will never recover from this.

After Eilish introduced her, Williams said, "This is my first Coachella. Woah! Thanks for sharing this with me — This is sick!" Later in the set, Williams came back to perform Eillish's "Happier Than Ever" with the singer.

Williams previously retired "Misery Business" from Paramore's live sets in 2018 amid an ongoing debate over whether it's message was "anti-feminist." Back in 2020, Williams also became aware that the single was included in Spotify's "Women Of Rock" playlist. Her solo track "Simmer" was included as well.

“'SIMMER'” is on this playlist. thx Spotify,” Williams wrote on Instagram Stories. “But so is ‘Misery Business’. I know it’s one of the band’s biggest songs but it shouldn’t be used to promote anything having to do with female empowerment or solidarity.”

The track has since been removed from the playlist.

The performance follows Williams' throwback photo of Paramore she posted on Instagram April 4. The image didn't include a caption or any other information, but it's the first post from the singer on the photo-sharing network since she she announced she was quitting social media six months before.

What could it mean? It could hint at something new from Paramore coming soon, as Williams teased the band's return in 2022 last year. Only time will tell.

Hayley Williams + Billie Eilish, "Misery Business" at Coachella 2022

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