While surfing around the interwebs, I stumbled across a promo for a TV show on WZZM, Channel 13 called 'McKay's Show'

Do you remember it?

The promotional photo I found featured a youngish looking host surrounding by several women who are dressed in styles that would have been worn circa 1967.


The show was a local dance show done in the style of 'American Bandstand'. McKay hosted a morning radio show on a top 40 radio station, 1340 WLAV. (Here's a look at WLAV's Top 40 list from 1970, featuring one of my all time favorite songs, OOH Child at number five!)

In addition to having local kids dancing to national top 40 hits, the show would have local bands such as The Intruders come on and perform live. National acts would also stop by and lip sync on the show to promote their records if they were playing in the area.

As far as I can gather, the show ran from 1965 until 1969. McKay was still on air at WLAV as late as 1970.

McKay, whose real name was Richard Tetzlaff, passed away in 2014 in Ann Arbor. According to his obituary, he later worked at WOTV and WOOD-TV as a sportscaster and salesman.

Tom Johnson recalled the show while posting on the WZZM web page about the station's famous weatherball:

Growing up as a teenager in the 60's (it was the best of times) I have many memories of the weatherball. I also have many fond memories of TV 13 and the studios in the old Pantlind Hotel. I remember they use to broadcast the weather on the sidewalk at the corner of Monroe & Lyon. I seem to recall a weatherman by the name of David Compton. I also remember as a teenager going down to the "Dick McKay Show". It was like a mini American Bandstand. I wish I could get my hands on some old tapes of that show, if there are any, for my next class reunion.

Alas, there are no videos of the show that I could find posted online. If you would like to share some memories of the McKay show, feel free either in the comments or on Facebook.

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