Last month we told you about a huge black cat that was spotted in Manistee County. Many people believed it was a black cougar including photographer Dakota Stebbins of northern Michigan.

Stebbins posted the photo on social media, and as you can imagine, people went crazy speculating over the images.

Some people on social media said that it was nothing more than a large house cat. I said there was no way that it could have been a regular house cat, it just didn't seem possible. Others tossed around the idea that it was a bobcat, lynx, or possibly a mountain lion (or cougar).

At the time, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources believed it was a young jaguar. Well, they were wrong.

Dakota Stebbins
Dakota Stebbins

So, What Kind of Cat Was It?

According to Up North Live, officials with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources said it was nothing more than a "normal-sized black cat."

They said the photo of the cat appeared bigger than it actually was. It's unclear how they came to that conclusion but it seems the mystery has officially been solved.

When and Where Was the Photo Taken?

Stebbins took the photos at the Drew Kostic Memorial 5K Tough Run in Copemish on Saturday, August 13. He said that he was about 50 yards from the large animal when he snapped the photos.

It's so crazy because that cat really did look huge in the photo. Stebbins even said the cat was really big and he was there to see it in person.

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