A lot of my musician friends have been sharing interviews and live clips of Eddie Van Halen but one of my friends sent me the best interview ever.

A lot of the interviews I have found on YouTube were from when Eddie and Alex Van Halen partied more so it was really hard to find interviews with some substance.

One thing that was great when looking for the interviews was all the great audio that I stumbled across.

I found a lot of Van Halen songs from the early days that they played live and it was just amazing hearing all that fire from four guys in one band but fire is the only way I can explain the early days of the band.

I didn't find a lot of interviews where I learned any substance of how the band started, what Eddie and Alex were like when they were kids, how Eddie got his tone, what was he doing to his amp and I can go on.

That God for good friends, my friend and musician brother, Tim Rickard, sent me an interview that was 55 minutes long and I saved it for a few days trying to find the time so I could dedicate my attention to the interview.

This interview was done by Denise Quan for the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. Quan did an amazing job getting Eddie to talk about the entire journey of his family, then he and his brother Alex and Van Halen.

Eddie covers so much ground and if you really want to know him, his personality and his curiosity of guitars, amps and piano, this interview will answer everything while showing you the person who is...Eddie Van Halen. Enjoy.

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