Michigan is s great for foodies! There are tons of awesome eateries throughout the state, and that includes bakeries.

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One Michigan bakery was recently honored for its over-the-top desserts and another is said to serve the best donuts in the state.

Now another Michigan bakery is getting national attention - it's been named one of the best in the entire country!

The food publication Restaurant Clicks recently released their list of the 12 Must-Try Bakeries in the U.S. for Delicious Baked Goods - and one Michigan bakery made the cut!

According to Restaurant Clicks, these businesses "redefine baking" with their "passion, artistry, and inventiveness".

The Michigan bakery ranked among the 12 best in the U.S. is Sister Pie in Detroit.

Sister Pie, Facebook
Sister Pie, Facebook

In business for more than a decade, Sister Pie is located at 8066 Kercheval St. in Detroit. Sister Pies serves up both sweet and savory seasonally-driven pies, cookies, and other treats.

Sister Pie, Facebook
Sister Pie, Facebook

Here's the publication's praise for the bakery:

While Sister Pie is known primarily for its decadent pies made in Detroit, Michigan, this bakery also offers amazing cookies, breakfast, and lunch offerings. This bakery loves trying unexpected flavor combinations and making Michigan’s seasonal ingredients the star of the show. They always have intriguing pies. My recent favorite is the rhubarb rosemary streusel pie. Sister Pie was founded in 2013 and opened its doors in 2015. The founder, Lisa Ludwinski, also wrote a cookbook in 2018. You can pre-order the bakery’s pies and cookies online, as well as groceries such as dairy, meat, pantry items, and produce. If you want to learn how to make your pies, dough, scones, and galettes, Sister Pie offers several great classes.

Here's a look at that rhubarb rosemary struesel pie!

Sister Pie, Facebook
Sister Pie, Facebook

Check out more of their goodies on Facebook!

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