The residents of Benton Harbor are getting a big upgrade to their water lines thanks to Governor Gretchen Witmer's plan to phase lead water lines out of the city over the span of 18 months.

Work Begins In Flint To Replace Lead Water Pipes on March 4, 2016.
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During this time, residents are being offered free bottled water from the city to help with general use like brushing teeth, cooking, and making baby formula.

What happens if I want to get my water line replaced?

During this process, a lot of people will loose temporary access to their water while these lines are being placed. If you're interested in this service, there is no cost to Benton Harbor residents for lead service line replacement. However, residents are encouraged to complete the Water Line Replacement Agreement to enables contractors to begin work on their property.

What should I be using bottled water for?

According to the Michigan Department of Health And Human Services, the bottled water is primarily to be used for cooking, drinking, brushing teeth, rinsing foods and mixing powdered infant formula.


You are still able to use your tap water for activities such as showering or bathing (just makes sure you avoid swallowing water), washing hands, washing dishes, laundry, and cleaning.

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Where are the pick up locations and times for bottled water?

There are two locations in Benton Harbor that will be providing to bottled water to residents in need as these upgrades are being made.


If you want to pick up at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Benton Harbor Fettig Youth Campus, 600 Nate Wells Sr. Drive, on the following upcoming dates:

  • Tuesday, July 19, 9a - 11a
  • Saturday, July 23 12p - 2p
  • Sunday, July 24, 2p - 4p
  • Tuesday, July 26, 9a - 11a

Or if you would rather, the Southwest Community Action Agency, at 331 Miller Street, will host self-serve water pickup on these upcoming dates:

  • Wednesday, July 20, 10a -  2p
  • Thursday, July 21, 10a -  2p
  • Friday, July 22, 10a -  2p
  • Monday, July 25, 10a -  2p

It's great to see these improvements being made for the safety of everyone in the Benton Harbor area, and if you need more details you should check out the MDHSS website.

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