How many times have you flown into a new city and wished there was someone there to give you some tips on just what to visit while in that town? Here in Grand Rapids, we have Airport Ambassadors at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport who will do just that. If you are looking for a part time job, YOU could become an Airport Ambassador!

The job is through Experience Grand Rapids, and the "organization promotes the fun attributes that make Kent County an exciting place to visit like craft beverages, arts & culture, outdoor recreation, food and more. The company culture is relaxed and friendly, while passionate and hard-working to reach the goal of filling the hotels and attractions with visitors and convention attendees."

The job description is pretty simple -- to provide a "positive first impression and excellent customer service to airport travelers and visitors."

If you are outgoing, love talking to and helping people, and love the Grand Rapids area -- this job is just what you need. It is a regular part-time position. You must be available to work shifts up to 8 hours between 9 am-11 pm - 7 days a week (including holidays -- the airport doesn't close for holidays!). You would be working approximately 15+ hours per week.

One of your job responsibilities would include assisting passengers and helping them find gate locations, baggage claim, ticket counters, baggage carousels, ground transportation. You would also provide information about West Michigan attractions, restaurants, and hotels

What qualifications do you need? The Experience Grand Rapids website says they are looking for someone with a high school education and/or customer service work experience, exceptional customer service and communication skills, working successfully in a team environment as well as independently to solve customer issues, work effectively across a variety of communication channels, demonstrate interpersonal skills with a diverse customer base, have effective analytical, decision making and problem-solving skills, and possess a knowledge of West Michigan tourism information.

This sounds like such a cool job. I wonder if I could squeeze in yet another job into my schedule!

You can get all the information about becoming an Airport Ambassador on the Experience Grand Rapids website.

This is just another reason that Grand Rapids is such a cool city to visit. This would be such a great service to provide at every airport in the country! It sure would make visiting a new city more enjoyable, and make it easier to see the "must see" places in those towns that you may not know about.


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