Today on Segment 16, the guys tell you about the artist who has been banned for life from ArtPrize for his previous stupidity, and what he's up to this year. You can win $1Million...sort of...but not really.

This guy has a long history of pissing off the ArtPrize committee. He installed Iraqi dictator hanging from a noose in 2012, then extended painting to 3 miles along the river, then got banned for life in 2014 when he bypassed the ArtPrize organization and posted 100 drawings in windows of businesses downtown.

So this year, he's decided to host a $1Million Treasure Hunt. Well, sort of. The winner gets $100,000 in cash, and then $900,000 worth of "art collectibles". Who sets the value on THAT crap?

But this is all after you buy his code book for $39.99 to get all the clues to find the prize hidden somewhere in Kent County.

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