No matter what you listen to, there will always be someone out there who will shame you for listening to certain bands. There's no explanation for it, but it's happened time and time again throughout the decades.

These artists may not have the most vocal fanbase, but album sales (at least back in the day) and ticket sales indicate that their fans are out there and there's quite a lot of them. Nickelback may be the biggest whipping post in rock and there may be a certain pickle on Facebook that amassed more fans than the Canadian powerhouse, but none of that matters when tens of thousands of fans turn out to each concert.

Don't be ashamed and let others dictate your life — that's not what rock and metal is about. Smash all those who oppose these 13 Bands Other People Make You Feel Bad About Loving, as listed below.

13 Bands Other People Make You Feel Bad About Loving

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