Local dude Jeremy Kruis got a nice drone, and shot some fantastic footage over downtown Grand Rapids earlier this year that has to be seen. He's got a few videos with some cool footage of Grand Rapids and the surrounding area, as well as other places he visits.

It's always so cool to see things from a different view! We're all used to looking up at the buildings around us, looking out for traffic, or looking down at things from an office or apartment window.

Everything looks so much different, and new, from a greater height. It's almost like you can explore the same places again like they're new again!

Pretty cool footage, Jeremy! Keep making videos, man.

I also found some cool footage of downtown from Marc R., who's got some beautiful footage as he flies over the highway, and checks out some amazing buildings and places around the downtown area.

Marc has a lot of cool aerial video from around the area, and it's cool to see some amazing shots of places in new ways. Check out Marc's videos!

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