Since the breakout hit Chuck Palahniuk had with 'Fight Club', the book and movie, and the string of success he didn't write after that, the author has been looking for a way to expand his wallet audience for the book. Watch this great video as he presents his adaptation for kids...'Fight Club 4 Kids'!

It all starts off well, and then he gets...well, a little excited.

"He was just pummeling this guy. And, of course, being Jared Leto, he's essentially a model, but when our guy is done with him he's just this bloated, chewed up, bubblegum looking motherf*****."

Chuck Palahniuk in the video

So, would I be a bad dad if I read this to my kids?

Lucky for them I don't have any, right? Ah, I love my little Tyler Durden kids...

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