Stephen Fry Hilariously Reads “You Have to F****** Eat”
Bizarre children's stories read by intelligent actors is becoming the new craze.  Especially stories for kids that have a s***load of swearing in them!
The last one that went crazy was LeVar Burton reading "Go the F*** to Sleep", and it was great.
It's only topped by British comic actor Step…
Jackie At Vault of Midnight!
Hey it's Free Comic Book day! Come out to Vault of Midnight downtown for free stuff! They have some amazing deals and of course free comics!
Number 1 Game Character
13,000 gamers voted on the Guinness World Records' website, for this years, "Guinness World Records 2011 Gamer's Edition,"  The vote led to an official count of who the greatest video game character of all time is... and of coarse its Mario...