ArtPrize artist Michael Roberts wants to show that "something beautiful" can come from a gun.

Roberts' entry is titled Painting Freedom. It can be seen at Bangkok Taste Cuisine Cafe at 15 Jefferson Ave. SE in Grand Rapids during ArtPrize 10.

In his artist statement, Roberts says:

"Painting Freedom" is attempting to illustrate that not everything that CAN destroy can ONLY destroy. We hope to show that something beautiful can come from it.

Guns have always been a theme among ArtPrize artists. You'll also find a 13-foot toy cap gun at GRAM during ArtPrize 10. Two years ago, Jenna Blazevich's The City Beautiful used 27,000 .22 bullet casings to display a message. There have been dozens of other gun-themed entries in the past and there are many more this year.

Roberts used a Sig Sauer SP2022 to shoot and spray paint onto a taped-off canvas and into the shape of a flag.

The debate on guns isn't going away. It's good to have both sides of the argument represented at ArtPrize, even if Roberts' choice to paint an American flag is predictable.

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