ArtPrize is coming, and it's a huge thing for Grand Rapids.  

Thousands of people wander around downtown, checking out all the art that comes to town and vote on the art they think should win the huge grand prize.

The grand prizes' payouts total $400,000, and there are smaller prizes all totaling $160,000. So, this is a pretty big freaking deal!

I will admit right now that I don't get art. I'm more of a music guy.

Say what you will, call me uneducated, out of touch with my soul or whatever, but random squiggles, or trash in piles, or paint splattered in nonsensical patterns just doesn't do it for me.

My goals for Art Prize this year are simple:

  1. I want to find something I'll think is the coolest freaking art I've ever seen.
  2. Find some absolutely ridiculous pieces that make no sense, and try to come up with bizarre explanations for them for fun.

If you find something that fits either one of these, feel free to let me know what and where it is, so I can check it out!  

This could be a fun/strange 19 days coming up!

ArPrize officially kicks off next week, on Sept. 24. Enjoy. Or not.

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