Ok, the sign maaaay be a bit dramatic, but it got your attention didn’t it?  It was posted to Reddit by bschn100 after they came across it in a Minneapolis grocery store.  I know, you’re thinking, but we’re in Michigan.

Well the sign rings true here too.

If you want to open up a lemonade stand in Michigan you need a permit – legally to avoid getting a ticket – and could be fined. The only states that allow kids to be young entrepreneurs without “the man” getting involved are, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska,  Missouri, North Dakota, Texas, Louisiana, Illinois, New York, Connecticut, Vermont, and Rhode Island.  Yeah, just 15 states.

Country Time is hoping to change that problem, like the sign reads at the bottom, lemonade stands should be a tradition not a crime.  Again this summer they’re offering Country Time Legal-Ade which is a program where the drink company pays for permits and fines that kids need or get while running their lemonade stand.

This summer though, they’re taking it a step further. Fox 17 reports that the company is now hoping to help kids and parents change the laws in their communities and are offering more than just some money for fines.

The Country Time Legal-Ade website is now a resource that shows parents and kids a map where you can legally set up lemonade stands without needing to get permits, as well as info for state lawmakers in the areas where it is illegal, so people can get involved and help change the laws.  They’re also offering downloadable yard signs so you can show and drum up support, according to Fox 17.

Before you think this task is too big to tackle... Fox 17 says that Texas and Colorado just recently passed bills "legalizing lemonade stands".  Minnesota had a bill introduced but doesn't look like it had enough support to pass.  So the movement to "legalize lemonade" as the Country Time Legal-ade website says, is happening, just slowly, as can be expected when trying to change laws.

If you get a ticket or have to pay for a permit, just head over to the legal-ade website and submit a picture of the fine or permit, then submit it for consideration.  Once the company has “validated” your image, they’ll reimburse you for the fines or permits up to $300.


******Real quick, the interactive map on the legal-ade website says there are 15 states - and included Minnesota as a state you can legally do lemonade stands, but this story written June 19, 2019, would prove the map wrong....

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