Last October, one of us got some "Astronaut Ice Cream", and we decided to try it, to experience the whole astronaut lifestyle, and food choices. Can't really say any of us liked it (except Janna), and it was super messy. But this is what the astronauts eat, right?

That's a big fat NOPE.

There are no records of freeze-dried ice cream ever actually going into space, apparently. It's too crumbly and messy for spaceflight, no one liked it, and it was a waste of time and effort to try to make it better, since in the 70s, they had freezers in space, and could just eat real ice cream.

But apparently, there is space-bacon, so that makes everything space even cooler! They have bacon squares, so even in a vacuum, you can still enjoy some tasty, tasty bacon.

Astronauts have their priorities straight, in my book.