Last week, Chef Gordon Ramsay was spotted eating his way around the U.P., possibly shooting for a show and today (Tuesday) there was another celebrity sighting in Michigan.

Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa was having brunch at TOAST, a restaurant in Ferndale. The restaurant posted about it on their Instagram this morning. Momoa is seen looking very laid back with an amusing sweatshirt and bandana over his face; and obviously his usual long locks.

The Novia Scotia Benny is made up of

poached eggs, smoked salmon, spinach,
heirloom tomato, choice of biscuit or english muffin, dill hollandaise, balsamic drizzle

Mmmm. I don't know what sounds tastier... Jason Momoa himself or the Benedict.

Unlike some other celebrities, the actor wasn't here filming or on business. He was in Ferndale just to hang out with friends that live there. Per MLive, the actor was also in the area back in May. In fact, in 2014 he told a Detroit news station he was interested in opening a brewery in the Detroit area in the far future. It's been six years, is it far enough yet?

It's unknown whether his wife, Lisa Bonet, is also in town with him.

Momoa is originally from Hawaii but grew up in Iowa.

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