Ladies in metal is on the best things to ever happen to music. Angela Gassow (Arch Enemy), Maria Brink (In This Moment), you name them. Metal Ladies is the definition of AWESOME! Check this out, there is this band that is not that well known (in America at least), but you should know of them, and that is Amaranthe! Guess what? They have a new album in the works.

Hailing from the land of Sweden, these dudes and lady will enter the studio to begin working on a new album slated to be released sometime early 2013.

Guitarist Olaf Morck has this to say: "So it is finally revelation time! In between our constant and never-ending touring, we have tirelessly been working on our next album, which is really starting to come together. We have lived and breathed the same 12 songs from the first album every day for a year now, and to introduce a number of completely fresh tracks will really lift Amaranthe to the next level! The theme and atmosphere of the album is futuristic and ultra modern, something underlined by the first teaser poster. The music itself will be instantly recognizable as Amaranthe, but there is definitely a new and unique twist to the songs."

So that is some pretty sweet news man! If you have not checked out Amaranthe, well you really freakin' should! This band is huge across the sea's selling thousands of albums, but here in a America, we have to dig a little bit in the 'metal underground' to unearth this fine group.

Check out the video below...this is band I think anyone can really like, metal head or not.