County Health Rankings annual report is out. This week, we are looking at what we learned about West Michigan from the report.

The report says Allegan County residents are some of the best sleepers in Michigan.

The report considers fewer than seven hours of sleep to be insufficient sleep. The specific question asked in the phone survey was, "On average, how many hours of sleep do you get in a 24-hour period? Think about the time you actually spend sleeping or napping, not just the amount of sleep you think you should get."

The survey found Wayne County residents to be the most likely to have insufficient sleep. 41 percent reported getting less than seven hours. The next highest was Calhoun County at 37 percent.

The counties with the lowest reports of insufficient sleep are Leelanau at 28 percent, Clinton at 29 percent, then Allegan County and others tied for the third lowest at 30 percent.

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