Today on Segment 16, the guys kick off missing someone...Free Beer had to run down the hall and poop. Seriously. So we learned some inside info on his life. Mainly that he keeps secrets, and poops. And that's his world.

The guys don't know what the plan is for their giveaway, and they're sure Free Beer had a plan. But, of course, he didn't tell anyone the plan, so they aren't sure what to do.

This seems to be a regular thing.

Sort of like his monthly pooping. The guys thought maybe a good idea for the giveaway would be to have people guess the weight of his poops today, and closest without going over would win.

They didn't relay that to Free Beer, so he could save them for weighing on the Stamps scale in Steve's booth.

Free Beer then tells the story of today's massive dump, and his weekend of pizza indulgence.