Have you ever been so desperate to relieve yourself but can't make it to a bathroom so you start looking around for anything you could possibly urinate in? Maybe you've used a bottle? 

What if you were in a confined space with hundreds of more-than-likely disgusting people and all of you were told to pee in plastic bags?

That's what happened on an American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Hawaii recently because 2018 is almost over but the trend of airlines being a-holes sure isn't!

When the airline took off, the bathrooms worked, but quickly failed when some idiot decided they would try to flush a diaper.

So for the remainder of the six-hour flight, attendants locked the bathrooms because the toilets were overflowing and passengers were given plastic bags to "go" in.

One passenger took a video of her interaction with a flight attendant because, let's be real, it's such an unbelievable situation you need proof of it.

“I know, it’s horrible," said the attendant. "And guys are going in bottles.” 

We can only imagine not only the horrific smell but also what must have happened when the plane hit turbulence... 

Source: WUSA 9