Tuesday night, Aerosmith hit the Van Andel Arena, and rocked a packed crowd harder and better than they have in years! So many people have been talking about how good the show was, and that it's the best they've seen from Aerosmith in a long time. And they're a band that's known for great shows.

This was my favorite Aerosmith show, and I'm not even a huge fan. I like their older stuff, but honestly, their more 'female-friendly' stuff from the 80s on, hasn't really been my favorite. So when they kicked off the show with 'Draw the Line', I loved it.

They sprinkled quite a few older songs in the set, and even some old blues stuff, their cover of The Beatles' "Come Together", and more in about two hours at the Van Andel.

Okay, so there was a lot of making out and groping during "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing", but aside from that, it was a pretty rocking set. I think I'd blocked "Pink" out of my head as a song anyone had written, so it was a surprise when they played it.

"Toys in the Attic" and some of the cool older songs were great, and some of the blues jamming were great for me.

I will also admit here, that Brad Whitford is my favorite Aerosmith guitarist. Yes, I like his playing more than Joe Perry's. Listen to "Last Child" for why. That's all Brad. Enjoy. I alway forget how much of my favorite Aerosmith bits are Brad Whitford playing, until I see them again and remember.

If you missed the show, you really did miss a great show.