When you're going to rob a place, you just need to use the tools that are available to you. In the case of this Oklahoma City woman, the tools at her disposal were a hammer and her pitbull.  
26-year-old Clara Aguirre walked into a Braum's restaurant, hammer in hand, in an attempt to rob the place. When the employees didn't take her seriously, she smashed the screen of the cash register and then picked up the whole thing and attempted to run out with it. On her way out the door, she noticed some customers watching her through the drive-thru window, so she smashed the window with the hammer as well.

After leaving the restaurant, she snatched up her pitbull, who was leashed up outside. They then attempted their getaway on foot, jumping fences along the way. It didn't take long for the cops to track down the woman and her pitbull.

Aguirre was arrested for robbery with a dangerous weapon and her dog was taken to an animal welfare facility.

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