Horror Film Masters Hammer Are Out to Scare the Crap Out of You with “The Quiet Ones”
Are you a horror movie fan?  I am.  Love them.  If I have the choice of movie to watch, I'll usually pick the scary movie first, before comedy or action.  LONG before chick-flick. Back in the old days Hammer  was the big name in horror and made so many horror movies, essentially building careers for actors like Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.  They really paved the way for scary movies to becom
Kid Kills Parents with Claw Hammer! Bar Stool:
You can bet this kid will never see another second of freedom again for the rest of his life. Its another one from the bar stool. My favorite bartender who used to work win Florida told me about this one. 17 year old kid named Tyler from Port St Lucie Florida, he posted a party invitation on facebook around noon on a Saturday, then he walked upstairs with a claw hammer, and beat both his parent