We talk all the time about how stupid certain "zero tolerance" policies can be, but this might be the most egregious example.

A middle school student in Ohio was issued a 10-day suspension because he "liked" a photo of a gun on Instagram. The post was simply captioned with the word, "Ready." The parents of Zachary Bowlin told WXIX that the reason for the suspension, as indicated by the notice they received, was: "Liking a post on social media that indicated potential school violence." It's worth noting that the gun in the photo wasn't even a real gun - it was an Airsoft gun.

We get it. Students can't bring guns to school. No one argues with that. But to be suspended for liking a picture of a gun, not even on school grounds or during school hours? C'mon.

The school said that the caption, "Ready," is what concerned them. Did they ever think that it could be referencing how the person who posted the photo was "ready" for an Airsoft battle? Probably not.

The good news is that since this story has gone viral, the school has backed off and dropped the suspension.

Source: WXIX

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