The Detroit Lions had a lot of needs going into the 2015 NFL Draft and, from the looks of it, they filled a lot of those needs. Here's a quick recap of the Lions' 2015 NFL Draft.

In the first round, the Lions swapped picks with the Denver Broncos, not only to move down in the draft, but to also get offensive lineman Manny Ramirez. With the 28th pick, the Lions chose Duke guard Laken Tomlinson. Here's what Lions general manager Martin Mayhew said about selecting Tomlinson, courtesy of

I mean, the college grades we had on him were outstanding. Our college director Scotty (McEwen) saw him. Chad Henry, that's one of Chad's schools. I did a lot of work on him. Jeremiah Washburn did as well. So he's a phenomenal talent.

In the second round, the Lions filled another need, replacing departed running back Reggie Bush, who signed with the San Francisco 49ers via free agency, with Nebraska running back Ameer Abdullah. Here's what Mayhew had to say about Abdullah, courtesy of

He is an outstanding running back. He is a very productive, consistent performer and versatile guy.

He ran for over 1,600 yards last year and averaged over 28 yards on kickoff returns. We are going to give him a look in the backfield but also returns as a kickoff and punt return guy. He did punt returns his first couple years in college. He will get a real good look in a lot of different areas for us.

The Lions pulled off another trade in the third round, this time with the Minnesota Vikings, to move up and take Stanford cornerback Alex Carter.

Another trade in the fourth round brought Auburn defensive tackle Gabe Wright to the Motor City.

The fifth round saw the Lions filling another need, replacing departed fullback Jed Collins with Rutgers fullback Michael Burton.

With their final pick of the 2015 NFL Draft, the 200th pick in the sixth round, the Lions took Texas cornerback Quandre Diggs.

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