It's hard to ever be sad when pizza is involved. Pizza is like the cheesy, doughy, saucy glue that holds this nation together and may just be used to save the world. Philadelphia pizza joint Rosa's Fresh Pizza is using pizza and sticky notes to help the homeless! 

Through a "pay it forward" system, people can pre-purchase slices of pizza for the next person by using a sticky note. Then, when a homeless person comes in or someone comes up a little short, they can “pay” with one of the prepaid notes.

You may have seen the owner Mason Wartman's story floating around your feed.  Rosa's pizza began when Wartman left his desk job on Wall Street to open the precious pizza place.  Wartman not only uses his pizza powers for good, but also develops relationships with those his business has helped. He shared the story of a man who had been homeless for about 8 months and when he realized he hadn't seen the man in a while, the man came in and said he was working and wanted to pay forward some pizza like people did for him!

While pizza is important for the soul, this story is warming our hearts. The world could use more people and places like Rosa's! 

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