27-year-old Ben Johnson was at a child support hearing in Jonesboro, Georgia on Wednesday morning and he wouldn't stop using his iPad in court.  A bailiff repeatedly told him to put it away, but he just ignored him.  Then he started arguing with the bailiff, so two cops pulled him out into a hallway.  Someone got that part on video, and he definitely wasn't being very cooperative.

After they pulled him into the hall, he basically started wrestling one of them.  One of the cops tried to tase him, but it didn't do anything.  So then the other cop pulled out his gun and ended up shooting him in the butt!

At least one person who saw it says the cops overreacted, and it never should have gotten to that point.  The whole incident is currently being investigated.

Johnson, the guy who got shot in the butt, is in stable condition.  It's not clear if he's facing any charges yet.

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